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Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.

Simple Reason You Do Not Need Skin Lightening Solutions

In recent times in Africa, there has been a lot of buzz about skin lightening solutions. A lot of people, mostly ladies (although some guys are beginning to get into the whole craze) go out of their way to buy lightening creams and soaps so as to change their skin colour. I remember some time ago I had a discussion ...

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10 Makeup Products I Will Buy Again

I am a lover of all things girlie and beautiful. Sometimes I may not appear so but I really love to look flashy sometimes. I love well-done makeup, nice clothes, shoes, accessories e.t.c. I love to shop and try out new makeup products. Sometimes, I restrict myself from going to makeup fairs because when I start shopping, I almost cannot ...

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Healthy Hair Care Tips for Beginners

The last post I did was about my hair care routine. I recently went natural, yaay!!! Although my hair is still short but I intend to keep it that way. *wink* So, I get asked lot of questions about how to reduce breakage, grow edges, make the hair thicker e.t.c. So I will be sharing some useful hair care tips ...

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My Natural Hair Journey; Products that worked

So I started my natural hair journey about two months back. Honestly, I never knew I would walk this path. I remember I always use to tell my sister that I do not have the strength to go natural. I see all the things she does to her hair and I do not have the patience for all of that. ...

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You Own Your Emotions, Take Hold Of It

It has been a while I have been on here.  A lot has been happening these past months that did not afford me time to give awesome posts like I always do every week. So today I would just be doing a random post and try to give a little bit of what I have been learning over the past ...

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Here is what every woman want. Do you want this?

Every lady loves to be treated in a way that makes them feel special. It is quite unfortunate that most men have not fully come to the understanding of what every woman wants. Women are so different from men in nature so it is very important a man understands the characteristics of women. Most women in the world today are very ...

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BH cosmetics

BH Cosmetics – One Of My Favourite Makeup Brands

In the world of makeup, there are tonnes of makeup brands to choose from. Whether you choose a high-end brand or a drug store brand, whichever works for you is fine. I have used a lot of makeup products but I just love something about BH cosmetics. I have used a lot of makeup brands and I will be doing ...

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7 Signs He is Not Ready To Commit

A lot of ladies out of love miss some very vital signs a guy gives off that tells them the relationship won’t go far. Examples of these signs are the signs he is not ready to commit. Stephanie was confused as to where her relationship was going. She met her current boyfriend about five years back, they were friends for ...

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Expert Natural Skin Care Tips

Expert Natural Skin Care Tips: Get glowing skin

In the history of mankind, it has been observed that women often pay careful attention to their skin. Some women even go as far as spending thousands of dollars on esthetics to but skin care products and skin care tips from expert just to look flawless. Sometimes less is more in the sense that all you need to maintain a ...

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How to be a Happy Single Woman (It’s not what you think)

A happy single woman knows that being single does not necessarily mean she is unapproachable or guys don’t like her or even means that she’s waiting for the perfect person. You’ve heard the message that you need to be married to be a truly happy woman which is not true.  Whether you’re between relationships or have chosen to remain relationship-free, ...

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