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10 Makeup Products I Will Buy Again

I am a lover of all things girlie and beautiful. Sometimes I may not appear so but I really love to look flashy sometimes. I love well-done makeup, nice clothes, shoes, accessories e.t.c. I love to shop and try out new makeup products. Sometimes, I restrict myself from going to makeup fairs because when I start shopping, I almost cannot stop especially when I have my ATM card with me.

I have bought a lot of different makeup products.  Some I liked and some I will never ever touch again. So this post highlights some of the makeup products that I have bought and fallen in love with. Oh! and by the way, they are all drugstore products!

BH cosmetic party girl eyeshadow palette: when I started out as a professional makeup artiste, this product was the first I got. I loved loved loved the eyeshadow palette. The colours were superb and they last all day long.

Milani eyebrow filler: as a beginner, this filler came in very handy at times when I wanted to create looks that are natural and subtle.

Flori Roberts concealer/foundation stick: my first encounter with this brand was when I worked at a popular spa. Prior to the time, I was not really familiar with Flori Roberts. I found their concealer stick very easy to work with. The coverage was just what I needed.

Marykay foundation: I still use the mary kay foundation even if I have tried other foundation. I still find the product easy to work with as I am quite familiar with the shades.

BH Cosmetic Foundation: At first when I started to use this foundation, I did not like it because it always appeared very oily. However, I discovered the reason it appears oily is that I do not use the right foundation primer. So I changed the primer I use and voila! the foundation comes out great. Great finish!

Milani eyeliner: typically I do not wear eyeshadows. The times when I do is when I am going for an occasion or on days I absolutely wanna look very different. So my go-to makeup products was a liquid liner and my all time favourite liner is the Milani liquid liner.

Maybelline mascara: this product always gives me the perfect eye lashes. Even without using false lashes, the eyelash still pops and stays all day long.

Black opal concealer: I absolutely love this concealer as I use it mostly for my eyebrows. But the coverage is amazing.

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BH cosmetics foundation: I found this foundation very good to use after I changed the face primer I use a mattifying primer.

Sleek lipsticks: these lipsticks gave me life. I bought their matte lipsticks and I absolutely fell in love with them. They last all day long and they are very affordable too.

Zaron lip pencils: these pencils are really nice. They can be used alone and with other lipsticks and they last all day long.

There are lots of other makeup products that I have used and liked. So maybe I will get to talk about them some other time. But these ones are my all time favourites. You can try them out and see for yourself. Don’t forget to share this post!

Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.


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