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10 Essential Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

A fashionista’s dream is the utmost desire for a lot of us women. You can have that dream by simply adding these 10 essential items to your wardrobe. A black blazer or jacket A black blazer is like an all-time classic wardrobe essential. Take out time to get stylish and quality black blazer tailored to suit your body type. The ...

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11 Outfits You Should Not Wear To a Wedding

People now choose dress codes for their weddings for a reason so as to help you not look out of place when you attend. Even at that, we still see tacky looks at weddings.  Anybody going for a wedding should repect the couple and dress properly. There are just some outfits that you should not be seen wearing at a ...

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10 Fashion Myths To Ignore

Your sense of style and fashion ought to come from within. We are sometimes not satisfied with our own fashion sense so we seek advice from professionals. Some of the advice we get have helped a lot of people improve their fashion style thereby becoming more fashion savvy. However we still get negative fashion advice which can be said to ...

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11 Fashion Donts to Consider when Choosing a Formal Outfit

Once upon a time, every professional no matter the industry wore suits to their workplace. Fast forward today, there are various interpretations of formal work outfits. If you are not fashion savvy, you may wear inappropriate outfits to work. While we may have gone past the stage of wearing suits and embracing less formal attires, there are fashion rules regarding ...

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Rules to Dressing Right for your Body Type

A lot of us love to look trendy and at the same time classy but a lot of people do it wrong. Every individual has their own fashion style, however, it is important to know that what works for person A may not necessarily work for person B. We all have different body types so we tend to wear different ...

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