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How Important is Finance in a Relationship?

It has been discovered over time that the majority of the misunderstandings couples have in marriage or relationship is money related. Love is expensive, that is why you cannot exclude the issue of finance in a relationship. For instance, when you start a relationship, you will need to call often, send messages, etc. social media has made it easier, however, ...

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Alcohol abuse

How Alcoholism Affects Relationships: Important Factors to Note

Alcohol abuse and drug addiction is a major addiction and millions of people from all over the world are facing it. Almost everyone knows that alcohol addiction affects the physical health of the addict but perhaps very few people know that alcohol addiction also affects intimate relationships severely. It not only ruins the life of alcoholic but also it affects ...

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Here is what every woman want. Do you want this?

Every lady loves to be treated in a way that makes them feel special. It is quite unfortunate that most men have not fully come to the understanding of what every woman wants. Women are so different from men in nature so it is very important a man understands the characteristics of women. Most women in the world today are very ...

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7 Signs He is Not Ready To Commit

A lot of ladies out of love miss some very vital signs a guy gives off that tells them the relationship won’t go far. Examples of these signs are the signs he is not ready to commit. Stephanie was confused as to where her relationship was going. She met her current boyfriend about five years back, they were friends for ...

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How to be a Happy Single Woman (It’s not what you think)

A happy single woman knows that being single does not necessarily mean she is unapproachable or guys don’t like her or even means that she’s waiting for the perfect person. You’ve heard the message that you need to be married to be a truly happy woman which is not true.  Whether you’re between relationships or have chosen to remain relationship-free, ...

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Little-known ways to Handle and deal with A Cheating man

Little-known ways to Handle and deal with a Cheating Man

Imagine what happened, Rachel stormed into the room with disappointment written all over her face “a cheating man will always cheat” she said, that will be the fifth lady in a row saying that to me in one day. I can only imagine how many ladies have said the same thing to their friends , it only tells me that ...

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Effective communication tips

Effective Communication: 7 Tips to make a Great First Impression

Having effective communication has become extremely important in the world we live in today. Effective communication is a skill that can be learned and mastered over time. Communication since natural to people who have practiced this tips I will be sharing here. The cliché is true: “You never have a second chance to make a good first impression.” Meeting new people ...

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12 Shocking Signs To Spot A Stingy Guy

A stingy guy is easy to spot when you know what to look for. There are various signs that qualifies them as a stingy person. A lot of stingy guys now leave their women to take up major responsibility if not every responsibility especially if she earns more. For women who experience this, it was never envisaged even though the ...

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7 Signs He is in Love with You

Time is the ultimate test of true love. However, there are signs a man shows towards a woman that indicates his genuine interest for her. These signs are easy to spot and it helps you really make that decision if to stay or walk. Here are a few signs that tell when a man is in love with you; 1.    ...

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How to Handle Long Distance Relationships

There are different categories of long distance relationships. Some are planned while some are not. In as much as sometimes it may be inevitable for you to avoid this kind of relationships. It is very important to understand what you are getting yourself into when you finally make that decision to go ahead with the relationship. Let us look at ...

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