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How to be a Happy Single Woman (It’s not what you think)

A happy single woman knows that being single does not necessarily mean she is unapproachable or guys don’t like her or even means that she’s waiting for the perfect person. You’ve heard the message that you need to be married to be a truly happy woman which is not true. 

Whether you’re between relationships or have chosen to remain relationship-free, now is the time to focus on living life for yourself and your happiness because being single is a necessary phase before you get married or enter a relationship.

These tips on how to be a happy single woman will help you discover yourself and find ways to be happy as a single woman.  First of all, let’s discuss the three words that we can derive from the word single.

The meaning of being single.

Separate: when something is a separate entity, it means it can thrive on its own. It stands out and does not depend on anything. This simply means as a person you can stand alone and stand strong.
Unique: when you are unique, it means you are different and do not want to be among the crowd. Your greatness is in the fact that you stand out and not blend in.
Completeness: being complete is to be satisfied and not under any pressure to imitate anybody.
The greatness in a relationship is when two single people with all the attributes listed above come together.

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Prepare yourself for what is ahead of you. Read relationship books to help you have a smooth relationship. Be financially stable to an extent because no one wants a liability. If you have past issues let them go.

Tips to be a happy single woman

Know Yourself

It is easy to learn to be alone with yourself. It can be sometimes hard for us to spend time with ourselves when we keep thinking about what people are talking about. Learn to be the best friend you have, enjoy your company.

Like Socrates said “Know thy Self”. The more you spend time with yourself the more you will know yourself which will lead to discoveries of great potentials and unique abilities.
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Discovery Who You Are

Self-discoveries will open doors to the hidden potential you have within you. You can pursue a new interest or hobby like taking up a yoga class, sewing class or even a speed reading class. You will find yourself developing an interest for things skills because you know yourself, which is going to help boost your self-esteem and increase your market value.
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Make gratitude your friend

Appreciate what you have now before thinking of what you don’t have. A dollar value can’t be placed on the things you have in your life now. Material things are just one of those, the things that I’m talking about are family, health, friends and many other things like your smiles.

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Remember, that our reality is determined by our focus, focus on the positive and the bright side of life and you will attract those to your life.

Treat yourself like a Queen

You should love yourself no matter what is going on within. You are unique and the early you start believing it the better it’s going to be true. Once in a while, you should treat yourself like a princess. You should be happy that you’re a single woman because research shows that some married women are not happy.

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Treating yourself can be a fabulous day in the spa, or (re-)watching your favorite movies, dancing in the rain (if that is your kind of thing :-)), go for shopping. Do something you will enjoy and don’t forget to be in the presence.

Advance your career.

Building your career will be a wonderful option when you’re still single because you have lots of time to yourself. You might never have the amount of free time now, compared to when you’re in a relationship.

You can start building your career by taking a course online thanks to the new MOOCs, you can register for any upcoming seminars in your area relating to the industry. Whatever industry you’re in, the youtube video is a good place to start (If you’re into videos).
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Nurturing Your Existing Relationships

The quality of relationships we have defines who we are. Humans are social creatures, and research shows that people are happier when they have an emotional connection with someone.

Lower your expectations of people and you'll decrease your frustration with people @Relationsmentor Click To Tweet Be around people that make you a happy single woman, they can be your family, friends or even the bartender. Your present relationship will always open doors to future opportunity.

Find or Create a support network.

Joining a support network or a group with the same interest can help you achieve your goal faster. If you want to burn fat, look for someone with the same goal and both of you can always be accountable for your success.

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The strength of the other person will cover the weakness of the other and that’s exactly what support group does.

Don’t get personal with stupid questions

Familiarize yourself with some conversation that questions your happiness in relation to your relationship status.
For example, if someone asks, “Don’t you want to be happy?”

You could respond with, “I certainly do, which is why I’m focusing on myself and my happiness. I am happily and voluntarily single. The best part is I’m quite fulfilled. I really appreciate you thinking of my happiness.”

Learn to be a fun person and enjoy life. It’s the fun you bring into a relationship that will make it very interesting. The time you are single is the best time and may be the only time to have a lot of fun.

Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.


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