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3 Reasons Why You are Still Single

Why am I still single? A lot of times we wonder and ask ourselves this question and often don’t get any answer to it. I will tell you 3 reasons why you are still single.

Are you available?

Some people appear unavailable but they just don’t know it. Some actions and mindset that you have often make you appear as unavailable. For example, if you have this mindset that “‘there are no good men or women anymore’. There is no way you have this mindset and still find a good man or woman. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Another hindrance to finding a good man or woman is if you still carry emotional baggage around you. Emotional baggage will always get in the way of conversations with the opposite sex. For example, if you still carry the weight of your last relationship around, you tend to always want to talk about it to anyone you meet. People will get tired and therefore will become distant. You need to get rid of any emotional baggage before you can find the right one.

Are you accessible?

It is not enough to be available but if you are not accessible then you might as well be unavailable. Reasons for being single since can be as trivial as this. As a single person looking to find someone, you must be able to be reached. How do you become accessible you may ask?

Some people are always so busy with work and they forget there is something called a social life. How are you supposed to find someone if you just go to work, home and church? For some people, their routine is a circle with no social activity involved. You need to go out more and it doesn’t really matter if you go alone. I think going out alone will give you more chances of meeting someone. When you go to public places like church, parties, don’t just rush home afterward. Hang around a little after church, join groups, units, department, interact with people. Pick a hobby and have fun.

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Are you approachable?

Some people are available and accessible but they are not approachable. Some ladies have a natural frown face which makes it difficult for people to approach them. You will need to practice how to smile in front of a mirror often and consciously put up a smiling face especially when you are in public. The truth is a lot of men are not bold and they fear rejection and so if you already have a face that says “don’t come near me”, they will stay away.

The reasons for being single is not limited to just  this  three factors. Kindly add yours to the comment section.

Stay happy always and do not forget to share.


Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.


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