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7 Signs He is in Love with You

Time is the ultimate test of true love. However, there are signs a man shows towards a woman that indicates his genuine interest for her. These signs are easy to spot and it helps you really make that decision if to stay or walk. Here are a few signs that tell when a man is in love with you;
1.    Your man will consider you very attractive and beautiful. Even if he may acknowledge the fact that other ladies are more beautiful than you, but for him, your beauty satisfies him very much that other ladies’ beauty does not even matter.
2.    He will always crave your company more than any other person. He will always devise means for you guys to hang out in public and he will want to show you off to his friends and family. He will want to know you and understand you better.

3.    If he loves you, he will be interested and passionate about anything and everything that matters to you. A man in love finds it easy to pick a new hobby if his woman likes it then he feels it’ll be wrong not to like it. He is committed to your purpose in life.
4.    A man in love is never intimidated by your strength neither is he discouraged by your imperfections.  When you love someone you accept their strengths as assets while their imperfections are assignments that both of you will work on.
5.    Any man truly and helplessly in love is a patient man. When he asks for anything, he waits for as long as it takes for you to give him a response. He does not pressure you. If he needs anything from you, he does not demand it as a matter of right, he projects, he explains, he casts a vision and helps you to understand what exactly he wants. He does not make an unnecessary demand. A man that loves you will not demand premarital sex because he will be so grateful to have you and will not want to mess that up.
6.    True love provokes unusual understanding.  A man in love finds it easy to see things from your perspective and is willing to change his position on an issue once he’s convinced.
7.    A lot of ladies likes to be treated with respect. A man in love treats you with utmost respect and courtesy. He treats you like a queen, treats you better than anyone around you. If he asks you on a date, he is always on time.

Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.


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