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Simple Reason You Do Not Need Skin Lightening Solutions

In recent times in Africa, there has been a lot of buzz about skin lightening solutions. A lot of people, mostly ladies (although some guys are beginning to get into the whole craze) go out of their way to buy lightening creams and soaps so as to change their skin colour. I remember some time ago I had a discussion with a cosmetics dealer and in the course of that discussion, I found out that lightening products are the most sort after in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. She told me that 90% of her customers opt for lightening soaps, lotions, creams and serums. In fact, most of them do not even check the ingredients of what they buy.

I am not going to even get started on the side effects and health risks of these skin lightening solutions. Maybe I will in another post.

All these ladies care about most is the effect because someone somewhere told them that it works. A friend of mine who’s sister also deals in cosmetics told me that he got a call from a “potential” client who needed skin lightening creams and what she asked him left him stunned. She asked him if he can get her a cream or oil that can make her light in a week (that’s 7 days). Funny right? That is how bad things have gone!

The skin whitening industry has now grown to become a multi-billion dollar industry with skin lightening solutions now made in different forms. You have the option of choosing creams, lotions, injections, pills and as well as a mixture of two or three of them.

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Some time ago, when I was working at a popular spa in Lagos. They had skin lightening treatments and boy were they so expensive. I can remember a certain young lady, by her looks she could not have been more than 29. As a matter of fact, she was 29. I know this because I had access to client files with their details on them. She was really pretty, fair in complexion with a very smooth skin. She usually used to come for lightening treatments every week.

Now, this treatment entails injections and pills which are administered every week and at the time the cost was $1,500 for the whole treatment. The treatment usually takes three months. So this certain lady who already had a very nice complexion after undergoing the lightening treatment still came back to renew her payment for the second round of treatment. A whopping $1,500! I was stunned because I did not understand why she needed to undergo that treatment as she was almost white.

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It dawned on me that a lot of us women are getting more and more ashamed of their bodies, inferiority complex is eating deep into the lives of young women today. I have heard some ladies say they had to bleach because their boyfriends don’t like dark girls. Really? Sister! Did he not see your fine black self before asking you out? Or did you force him to date you? The only way a lady allows this happen is if she does not know her self-worth. I am here to tell you ladies that you are worth more than you even think. You are beautiful whether you are black, blue, yellow or purple. You own your life and no one else should have the power to control it and allow you make decisions against your own wish.

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If you do not see yourself as priceless then you just allow inferiority complex to creep into your life like a thief in the night. It is ok if you want a lighter tone. The most you should do is just to tone your skin a little bit. In this part of the world, our weather can be very harsh and as a result, cause us to get darker than normal. So beautiful ladies, love you regardless of what your skin colour looks like. You do not have to look white to be attractive or beautiful. You were not created by mistake. Your dark complexion is a huge blessing and should not be traded for anything in the world.

Your skin color should not determine who you are and how much your worth is. Anyone will accept you for your uniqueness.

Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.


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