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How to Handle and Avoid Breakups

A breakup is one of the most difficult things anybody can face, it is one of the most emotionally demanding experiences. Many people believe that you have to learn things through negative experiences but it is not usually true. It is easier to avoid breakups than to handle them when it happens. How to avoid breakups Enter the relationship for ...

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5 Signs That Show You Are Ready For a Relationship

We find ourselves getting into relationships when we are not properly prepared. There are 5 important signs a person must show to signify that he/ she is ready to get into a relationship. They are: Self Awareness You must have first discovered yourself and defined who you are as a person and what you want to be known for. The ...

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Traits To Look Out For Before Dating A Younger Man

We are in the times where it is becoming common for the lady to be older, smarter, richer and even more educated. It is not a bad thing if you can follow the rules that govern relationships and marriages. There is nothing wrong with a woman getting married to someone that is younger than she is, not as rich or ...

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6 Things You Should Know About Hook-ups and Online Dating

Generally, hook-ups have become more common in these times that we live. As people are getting older and desperation sets in, these things become more common. A lot of people now turn to getting hooked up with friends, relatives, and online dating sites. In as much as these things are not bad but one needs to be careful when choosing ...

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2 Effective Ways to Deal with Past Hurts

The past can be likened to a museum filled with memories of things that have happened in our lives , both positive and negative, we regularly visit this place, to reflect on the things that have happened, this process has the ability to affect your future in a positive or negative way. Whenever we think about the past, we usually ...

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3 Reasons Why You are Still Single

Why am I still single? A lot of times we wonder and ask ourselves this question and often don’t get any answer to it. I will tell you 3 reasons why you are still single. Are you available? Some people appear unavailable but they just don’t know it. Some actions and mindset that you have often make you appear as ...

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