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Traits To Look Out For Before Dating A Younger Man

We are in the times where it is becoming common for the lady to be older, smarter, richer and even more educated. It is not a bad thing if you can follow the rules that govern relationships and marriages. There is nothing wrong with a woman getting married to someone that is younger than she is, not as rich or as smart as she is. A lot of women do not like to disclose their relationships because they feel people will mock them for dating younger men. The simple rule about marriage is that the man should be the head.

Dating younger men should not be an issue in this century that we live in as things are changing rapidly. It is possible to marry a lady older and still have a good marriage if both of you are ready to keep to the principles of marriage. The principle of marriage is that marriage is a covenant and in a covenant, it does not matter who has more money, or who is older or smarter. The woman must understand these principles. You must be sure you are with him because you love him and are ready to submit to him and acknowledge him as your head.  As a woman, if you find yourself in a relationship with a younger man, there a few things you should check that is if you don’t have a problem with it.

  1. Check if he is secure and confident.
    A secure man won’t be intimidated by your money, he won’t be afraid if he sees you talking to other men. When you are in public, does he act and talk inferior? Does he struggle to be a man? If he is trying to struggle to be what he is not then you should run because he can’t handle the relationship. An insecure man will clip you and will not allow you grow. There are many signs of an insecure person. He is always to bragging, looks for ways to authenticate himself and constantly tries to win at everything you guys do together.
  2. Look out for hardworking traits. When some men meet a lady that has more money, their true character comes out. You discover they are very lazy. If he is not doing well on his own, he won’t do well when he is with you.
  3. He should be intelligent; He doesn’t have to be Einstein but he should have some level of high intelligence quotient.
  4. He should be decisive: it is no news that women age mature faster than men. Some men can be babies when it comes to making decisions. So ladies make sure he is someone that can hold his own and keep to his words.

For the younger guys looking to date older women, you should check for these things:

  1. She should be submissive to you. She should seek your counsel and listen to you. If she is not submissive and finds a way to rub it in your face that she is older and richer (as the case may be), then you do not have any business being with her.
  2. She should allow you make the final decision even if both of you do not agree. Watch out for a rebellious woman, because rebellious women do not like authority over them.

So ladies if you are dating younger men, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Do not let the society dictate how you live and who you can date. We have only one life to live and you must live it well. As long as he qualifies with everything listed above and you are happy, that is all that matters.

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Now that you know the truth, you can either do two things, share this article and let other women learn from this or do nothing. The choice is yours. *wink*

Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.


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