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6 Things You Should Know About Hook-ups and Online Dating

Generally, hook-ups have become more common in these times that we live. As people are getting older and desperation sets in, these things become more common. A lot of people now turn to getting hooked up with friends, relatives, and online dating sites. In as much as these things are not bad but one needs to be careful when choosing to settle for people they meet through these mediums. There are challenges associated with hook ups. First of all, you need to be satisfied with the life you are living as a single person that when you decide to settle down it should be an upgrade of the life you currently live. You do not need to get into a relationship because you like the idea of being in a relationship or you see people in relationships and envy them. Here are reasons you should be weary of online hook ups:

  1. When it comes to online dating and hooking up, everybody and anybody qualifies. You most likely don’t have a choice, taste or class. Anyone can apply and try to get to you. You do not get to chose the kinds of people that contacts you most of the time. You are left to screen them after they have contacted you which kind me very tiring.
  2. It usually portrays the idea that you are desperate. For you to offer yourself to be hooked up online it means you are desperate. Anybody, you meet online will not treat you special because they will perceive you as desperate.
  3. The chances for deception is very high. The person you are meeting will most likely not show you their real character. There is no way to even know the person’s attribute, flaws, and weaknesses. People write things that are not true.
  4. When you do hook ups or online dating, you quicken the process of a real relationship. In a real relationship, there is a process that takes place, that process is usually helpful when the relationship matures. You have quickened the process of mystery and real friendship.
  5. You are usually an option to the person. The principles of hook-ups require one to have more than one choice. It is never only you in the picture.
  6. You usually do not know the person you are meeting as sometimes they do not show you their real identity. They only show you what they want you to see.

Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.


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