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3 Things To Consider Before Wearing Makeup

Some people are very conservative about make-up and do not like to use it at all. Who can blame them? A lot of them have seen how people abuse makeup and have made it so unappealing. Imagine walking on the street or on a bus and seeing a lady in the daytime with extremely loud make-up that you could almost scoop some foundation off her skin. Funny right? Trust me, I have seen worse. Before wearing makeup products, stop to think of some vital factors such as weather, outfit choice e.t.c

In as much as we have different outfits for different occasions so also we have makeup looks that suit the time of the day and the occasion. Regardless of where you are going, be it office, a party, church, casual visits e.t.c there is definitely a different approach we should take when wearing make-up to any of these places. You may be wondering, what determines the makeup I wear. It is improtant to consider these things before wearing makeup products. Let’s look at these factors to consider before wearing makeup products;

  1. Occasion: first of all, the occasion determines the choice of the outfit than the kind of make-up. Sometimes the choice of outfit inspires the kind of make-up. When going for a casual outing especially during the day, it’s best to wear subtle make-up with fewer colours. For evening outings you can go all out with colours, just make sure they blend well. Even with the evening colours, you have to follow rules when applying makeup. For example, you want to achieve Smokey eyes, it should be accompanied with nude lips. Then if you want to achieve loud lips, follow it up with subtle eye shadows.
  2. Choice of an outfit: before you decide to go anywhere, you choose your outfits first before anything else. Choice of an outfit is a topic for another day because some people will wear extremely skimpy clothes during the day all in the name of fashion. Oh well, let’s get back to the discussion of the day. When choosing makeup to go with your outfit, colours matter to an extent. So you can choose to go nude that is fewer colours on the whole face generally. Nude makeup looks consist of almost no colours, maybe just eye liner, no eye shadow, very subtle lip colours. Like they say, less is more. Nude looks are fantastic for day outings if done properly. They can be worn to the office, casual outings, corporate meetings e.t.c. You really cannot go wrong with a nude look
  3. Weather: someone is thinking “huh, what has weather got to do with make-up?” You will get my drift in a bit.     The weather has a whole lot to do with how to wear make-up because hot weather can be a disaster if you do not use a good foundation and a good primer to lock in the foundation to avoid breaking and sweating. This is for people who do not have good face primers. We will discuss good face primers in another post. During hot weather, if you do not have spots that need to be covered by foundation and concealers, simply use a good powder. Oil blotting powders are great for people who sweat a lot. It is not against makeup rules to use a face powder without a foundation that is if there is a makeup rule.

Finally, all these factors should not be ignored before wearing makeup products.


Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.


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