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9 Simple Home Remedy for Dark Underarm

Lack confidence because of your dark underarms? Dark underarms can be very embarrassing and limit you to certain kinds of clothes. Excessive use of deodorants can sometimes cause darkening of the underarm due to the chemicals and alcohol content found in them. Hair removal creams can also lead to dark underarms. It is very important to get rid of unwanted hair and the best method to use is waxing. Waxing prevents dark underarm as while waxing, you tend to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells can also be a causing factor to dark underarms. The best way to get rid of dark underarm is by using the natural simple home remedy.
There are several simple home remedy to get rid of dark underarm;

Rice flour and lemon juice: Mix a part of lemon juice with rice flour to make a paste. Apply the mixture to your armpit and leave for five to eight minutes. Rinse off by gently scrubbing the area with lukewarm water.


Coconut oil is very effective in lightening dark underarms. Apply coconut oil on the armpits regularly until you see results.

coconut oil

Orange peel: orange peel is a citrus like lemon, therefore, it has bleaching properties that make it a good natural remedy for underarms. Grind the peel to form a powder and mix it with milk and rosewater to form a thick paste. Scrub this paste gently on your armpits for ten minutes and rinse off with cold water.


Olive oil and brown sugar: mix olive oil and brown sugar. Apply on your armpit and scrub lightly for five minutes then rinse off.


Baking soda: baking soda is a natural exfoliant and can help in scrubbing off dead skin cells. Mix two to three tablespoons of baking soda with a few drops of rose water and make a paste. Apply it on underarms and gently rub it in a circular pattern.


Cucumber and lemon: lemon works very well with removing dark areas. Cucumber and lemon are both well known to have lightening properties. Mix cucumber juice and apply the mixture on your underarm, leave for ten minutes before rinsing off. You can do this every day for results.


Yoghurt and gram flour: Mix two tablespoons of gram flour to 1 teaspoon lemon juice to make a paste get rid of dark underarm. Apply the paste on your underarm for half an hour before taking your bath. Use cold water to rinse off the paste and pat dry.


Vinegar and rice flour: vinegar is among the excellent natural remedies to help eliminate dark underarms. Mix vinegar and rice flour and apply on underarm, leave for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Potato: potatoes are natural bleaching agents because of the mild acidic properties found in them. Use thin slices of potato to rub on your underarms then rinse off. You can also use potato juice or cotton ball to rub your underarms. This remedy can be used twice a day.


So now you have options of natural simple home remedy to  help you get rid of dark underarm. If you liked this article, please share and leave a comment.

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