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Effective communication tips

Effective Communication: 7 Tips to make a Great First Impression

Having effective communication has become extremely important in the world we live in today. Effective communication is a skill that can be learned and mastered over time. Communication since natural to people who have practiced this tips I will be sharing here.

The cliché is true: “You never have a second chance to make a good first impression.” Meeting new people can sometimes be awkward for some of us. It is difficult for some people to make a lasting positive first impression to those they meet.

The way you approach and present yourself in a first meet with someone new has the ability to make or break your long-term relationship with the person.
Here are 7 Effective Communication Tips

Body language

People send and receive body languages unconsciously. A genuine smile signifies your interest in what the person will say and adds more depth to the way the person perceives you. Keep your posture upright but just make sure you are also relaxed in the process. non verbal vs verbal communication
Maintain eye contact as this shows how confident and sure of what you are saying. There should be little breaks in eye contact. You can also gesticulate while talking. It indicates your knowledge of the topic you are talking about.

Prepare a script

I am sure you are thinking, what in the world does that mean? “How do I prepare a conversation script for someone I haven’t even met?” It’s very simple.Black Woman Writing Questions
Have an archive of interesting topics to choose from so that you can share useful information that could help you and the other person find common grounds.

This means that you have to be knowledgeable about a whole lot of things and this can be achieved when you read books and blogs, travel, hang out with friends, e.t.c

Be an active listener

Most people don’t listen when talking to people their are meeting for the first time. It’s even hard to remember the other person’s name if you didn’t take the time to listen when they were introducing themselves.small talks

Active listening is crucial for effective communication because of these 2 direct benefits. It helps to Intensifies successful conversation and also makes the person like you because you are allowing them talk about themselves, which everybody loves to do.

Avoid conversation fillers

Conversation fillers are words like erm, ah, um, like, e.t.c. These conversation fillers often times are used when there is an awkward silence or when we are still thinking of the next thing to say. Conversation fillers are considered spoilers.conversation fillers

The first thing you need to do is to relax because when you are not relaxed you tend to sound anxious and nervous. It is not like conversation fillers cannot be used but the goal should be to avoid saying it in every sentence you make.
Pause when you feel you are likely to use these words.

Don’t rush your words

If you are having a conversation or a debate with someone and you rush to make statements, you will likely not pass the information you intend to. Think through your statements before letting them out. Businesswomen gossiping in office

If you pause to think before talking, you will achieve a more friendly and effective communication with your audience. Instead of rushing your words, listen to your audience talk and restructure your words.

Ask questions

When I say ask questions, I do not mean personal questions. Some people meet people for the first time and goes overboard with the kind of questions they ask and then they wonder why the get cold shoulders from the person.

You can ask questions like “what do you do at leisure?”, “what are you reading lately?” and ensure you engage in their answers. The topic you ask questions about must be well thought out. Here is a quick guide for you.small-talk-business


Put aside every form of distraction.

Distractions come in many forms but the most common conversation distraction is our phones. It is very rude to be talking to someone and using your phone at the exact same time.Distractions-phones

Even though it might not be easy to take away our phones, we can simply take an excuse when we need to use our phones. This should not be done often because it tends to kill conversations.

Practicing this effective communication tips will help your relationship become better. Like Anthony Robbins said “The quality of your relationship is determined by the quality of your communication”. I hope this post has been valuable and helpful to you.

Now you have a choice. You can comment, share, or implement. I prefer if you implement, but I’ll appreciate all three.

Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.


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