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How to Get Rid Of Crow’s Feet Naturally

Crow’s feet are fine lines found around the eyes. They appear when the skin loses collagen and hyaluronic acid. You can now use simple kitchen food items to reduce crow’s feet naturally. There are other factors that contribute to the development of crow’s feet and they are excessive sun exposure, squinting, smiling, frowning and high pollution. Botox can be used ...

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9 Simple Home Remedy for Dark Underarm

Lack confidence because of your dark underarms? Dark underarms can be very embarrassing and limit you to certain kinds of clothes. Excessive use of deodorants can sometimes cause darkening of the underarm due to the chemicals and alcohol content found in them. Hair removal creams can also lead to dark underarms. It is very important to get rid of unwanted ...

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Hair Care Routines for Healthy Hair Growth

Every woman’s dream is to have long, healthy and smooth hair. A lot of people face one problem or the other with their hair. There are several things you need to do to be able to maintain a healthy hair growth. Follow these simple tips to stimulate a healthy hair growth and maintain healthy hair. It is very important to ...

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7 Natural Items to Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur as a result of skin stretching and increase of cortisone in the body system. Cortisone is one of the hormones released by the adrenal glands in response to stress. Having too much of this hormones can make the skin lose elasticity thereby causing the appearance of stretch marks. Women tend to develop stretch marks during pregnancy. The ...

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