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BH cosmetics

BH Cosmetics – One Of My Favourite Makeup Brands

In the world of makeup, there are tonnes of makeup brands to choose from. Whether you choose a high-end brand or a drug store brand, whichever works for you is fine. I have used a lot of makeup products but I just love something about BH cosmetics. I have used a lot of makeup brands and I will be doing ...

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9 Basic Makeup Products You Can’t Do Without

I opened my makeup purse one day and a friend of mine exclaimed and asked what I do with all these makeup products. I looked at the purse and it dawned on me that I do not use every item in that purse for my everyday makeup, therefore I decided to just keep basic makeup products. My usual everyday makeup ...

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3 Things To Consider Before Wearing Makeup

Some people are very conservative about make-up and do not like to use it at all. Who can blame them? A lot of them have seen how people abuse makeup and have made it so unappealing. Imagine walking on the street or on a bus and seeing a lady in the daytime with extremely loud make-up that you could almost ...

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