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12 Shocking Signs To Spot A Stingy Guy

A stingy guy is easy to spot when you know what to look for. There are various signs that qualifies them as a stingy person. A lot of stingy guys now leave their women to take up major responsibility if not every responsibility especially if she earns more. For women who experience this, it was never envisaged even though the signs were there all along but was ignored.

In recent times, the number of empowered women has increased due to the rise in awareness, improvement of gender equality, education of the girl child e.t.c. It has now become common for women to play major roles in the home. Here are 12 shocking signs to spot a stingy guy.

  1. When he is inquisitive about your earnings

Be conservative about guys who are bent on knowing how much you earn, how much you are worth, financial capacity of your family and future financial prospects. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this but when it becomes a reoccurring routine question then you should watch your back.

  1. When he does not try to impress you on dates

A stingy guy takes you out on a date and gives excuses why he can’t pick up the tabs. Says he forgot his wallet or how or ATM card and also does not make an effort to make decent transport available to you before or after the date.

  1. When he suggests you buy gifts and send money to his family members with your money

He will encourage you to buy gifts for his family members, take the credits and would not do same when it comes to your own family.

  1. When his words and action do not correlate

A man with big dreams but little or no action to fund his dreams is likely to be a stingy guy.

  1. When he does not take care of his family

Run far away from any guy who is financially capable of taking care of his family but does not. There is no excuse in the world to justify this.

  1. When he does not buy you gifts

He doesn’t buy you gifts on birthdays, valentine, anniversary, e.t.c. He always has an excuse for not buying and keeps promising to buy for the next occasion.

  1. When he makes statement about how his exes spend money on him

He puts you under pressure to outdo what his exes have done in the past

  1. When he isolates you from friends and family

If the woman happens to be the breadwinner of her family, he employs tactics to cut off every of her family member who has access to her resources.

  1. When he complains about money and being broke often

If the conversation comes up about money and he tells you constantly that he is broke.

  1. When he doesn’t give you money

A generous guy is always sensitive to know when his lady needs money. He won’t consider the fact that the lady earns but will still provide financial assistance when necessary.

  1. When he insists on joints accounts

Watch out for guys who are advocates for having joint accounts but will still keep private accounts.

  1. When he constantly talks about spending money: If he makes a lot of money related statement of how he spends and you do not see what he spends the money on.

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Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.


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