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Little-known ways to Handle and deal with A Cheating man

Little-known ways to Handle and deal with a Cheating Man

Imagine what happened, Rachel stormed into the room with disappointment written all over her face “a cheating man will always cheat” she said, that will be the fifth lady in a row saying that to me in one day.

I can only imagine how many ladies have said the same thing to their friends , it only tells me that the norm that “ they are a lot of men who cheat” has come to stay.

A lot of ladies now say things like “I don’t mind him cheating as long as I do not find out”. This generation seems to have thrown caution to the wind in terms of our moral values. It almost sounds like a fairytale when a lady desires and hopes to be with someone that will not cheat on her.

The inner drive of a cheating man?

  • Selfishness: Men who cheat are clearly selfish , they only think of themselves. Come to think of it, if they put the feelings of their partners into consideration and place themselves in the shoes of their partners, the thought of being cheated on should be enough to make them perish the thought of cheating.
  • Ego: Some men are of the belief that the more partners they have been with, the more conquerors they are. They often times brag about how many partners they have been with amongst their friends and colleagues.
  • Trust issues: When they discover or suspect that their partners are cheating, they tend to cheat also as a form of payback. It is not logical but it happens.
  • Distance: When both parties don’t stay in the same city or country, there is a tendency for men to cheat because of loneliness. Distance relation can be maintained through constant and effective communication will help in transforming a cheating husband.
  • Indiscipline: Some men lack the power to say no or are too weak not to avoid temptation  This is usually a very serious weakness for some.

Haven identified all these possible reasons that prompt a cheating man to cheat, what do we ladies do about it? Should we just fold our arms and accept that every man regardless of beliefs will cheat?

Yes, we get angry and turn to revenge when we are faced with this kind of situation. It is okay to be angry but most times anger just causes more harm than good. Even after we have put our all into the relationship and it is still baffling that some husbands or boyfriends will still turn around and cheat on the wives or girlfriends.

Now, have we ever stopped to ask ourselves what we can do to prevent this from happening? I am sure some of you are already thinking “what is she saying?”, “how can we possibly stop a man from cheating?”, “do we now start monitoring his every move?”

Let me ask this question, how many of us even take out time to pray for our partners? I am guessing not a lot of us. Here lies the solution you have been seeking. Every woman should watch the movie war room.

War-Room-Movie helping cheating man


It’ll teach you how to fight battles the right way. Commit your relationship in the hands of God and he will surely win the battles for you, stop looking for ways to change a cheating man and start putting it in God’s hand.

Now you have a choice. You can comment, share, or implement. I prefer if you implement, but I’ll appreciate all three.

Chinye Onwamaka is a professional makeup artist and fashion consultant based in Lagos Nigeria. She writes about fashion, beauty and relationship tips for young people.


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